Please help my parents!

Okay, so my parents bought some cardano a couple of years ago on my recommendation (yay!) But they’ve not opened the Daedalus wallet pretty much since then 😂 as you can imagine, it is taking AAAAGES to sync blocks. Literally over a week because the computer will sleep after a while, even though it’s set to the maximum allowed setting.

Unfortunately, they can’t tell me their keys/passcode for the wallet (facepalm). I’m assuming that if I uninstall the wallet, reinstall it, 1, that won’t help the sync issue, and 2, without the keys I have no hope anyway.

If I get it to finish syncing with the original install, will they still need the key?

Can anyone shed some light on what to do? I am the guy they’ve hired to fix it and unfortunately I don’t know what I can do to help them.

What do you think?

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