Cryptocurrency market size shrinks below $300B: $20B hit bleed altcoins

The crypto coins are continuously rolling to a pitfall and the cryptocurrency market size shrinks below three hundred billion dollars ($300B). Twenty Billion Dollars ($20B) have been lost from the cryptocurrencies’ lot as a whole.

And while things were looking bleak, Bitcoin (BTC) decided to wreak havoc when the eleven thousand dollars ($11,000) below-the-support line mark remained no more and it also happened to suck the altcoins into the whirlpool as well.

The fake news the market has five billion dollars ($5B) in Tether were being poured in the market caused a rumble. The original news, however, was the funds summing to about fifty million dollars ($50M) were exchanging hands, from Omni to Tron and the next thing you know, Bitcoin (BTC) is back at the eleven thousand five hundred…

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