Judy Shelton, Trump’s Fed Nominee, Is A Bitcoin Bull: Is The President Secretly In Love With Crypto?

The past week has been quite eventful in the field of cryptocurrency, with the recent tweet by Donald Trump, the U.S president, on Bitcoin a cherry on top of the cake. The president of the free world lashed out at Bitcoin claiming he is “not a fan” of the digital asset and calling for regulation on the coin. However, his recent pick to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors’, Judy Shelton, is a well-known ‘gold bug’ and has been known to make bullish statements on cryptocurrencies. Does this make some wonder, is Trump secretly a crypto enthusiast?

The mainstream media have been looking deep into Judy’s life (as they always do), and were surprised to find out Trump’s economic advisor is an advocate to returning the dollar back to the gold standard. The president is…

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