After walking away, people must learn to continue to grow up…

In July 2019, there was a news article titled "The teacher took 11 students after the college entrance examination, and more than 1,800 kilometers of school principals worried about it" –
I opened it and looked at it carefully. I admire the protagonist in the news. Lan Huiyun, the class teacher and geography teacher of No. 633 in Licheng District, Luzhou City, Shanxi Province.

When Lan Huiyun had not set off, there were teachers from the same school who commented:

You are making a bet in your career…

Lan Huiyun’s university classmates are so ridiculous:

"The next news headline is likely to be: After 80, the teacher took the students to ride, and the accident occurred on the way, causing many students to be injured, causing great concern in society." ——…


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