Tronscan Ledger Windows Security issue?


I didnt use Tronscan with my Ledger Nano S for 3 weeks or so and now when i want to send TRX, new windows security window pop up asking me to confirm the transaction by “Touch your security key”. The same happens when loging into Tronscan, in which case opening Tron app on Ledger works.
But “touching” my Ledger by confirming the transaction on Ledger is not working for sending TRX, it shows “Couldnt complete sign-in” fault. And there is nothing i can do about it..

I also went thru my Win10 Windows Security settings and found Security Key tab under Sign-in options, but didnt find a way, how to disable it. There is only “Manage” option and it doesnt accept Ledger as valid.


See pics..
Thank you for any helping ideas!

EDIT: I am talking here about problems on site, not the app.

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