Bitcoin Milestone: 85% of World’s Supply of BTC Has Now Been Mined


More than 85% of the total supply of Bitcoin has now been mined, according to CoinMarketCap. The crypto data provider says 17,851,300 BTC is now in circulation, with 3,148,700 left to go at time of publishing.

Right now, the Bitcoin network produces 1,800 BTC per day, a number that will be cut in half in May of 2020. The rate of production will continue to be cut in half about every four years, which means the last of Bitcoin’s total supply of 21 million coins will be mined in 2140.

Bitcoin’s dwindling and limited supply is part of the coin’s anti-inflationary nature and is touted as one of the main reasons the coin is a desirable digital store of value.

In addition, a sizeable, but unknown amount of Bitcoin will never be accessed and is essentially…

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