How to stake Ethers?

I’m new here so let me know if I am breaking anything. Been following this space for a while now without a Reddit account – I just went in for the plunge today (finally). Just got my 32 ETH and I would really really like to take part on staking. I know of Rocketpool but would really like to have my own validator. I have a laptop and a net connection. Not requesting for an ELI5 (I am technical to a degree) but I am not an Ethereum developer either. I am comfortable on installing the latest Ubuntu (if I have to but this will waste my current Windows license on the said laptop). I just need step by step specifics from start to finish in either Windows or Linux (both will be beneficial to many I guess).

Also, a few questions:

1. I know that when you withdraw from staking (which can take about 18-27 hours if the exit queue is empty), the address that it goes into is predefined when you started to stake it. Is this address necessarily different to your ETH1 wallet? I.e. is ETH1 wallet addresses can be used to hold ETH2?
2. What are the hardware requirements? CPU, RAM, Storage, Internet speed,…
3. Can I configure multiple redundant gateways on my staking PC to make it more resilient when my PC’s primary link goes down? Will the staking/validator software be able to utilize or benefit from this?
4. Is there a minimum term to stake from when you start it?
5. Will there be some manual maintenance required as we progress into the Phases in Serenity? I know of some Masternode coins like PIRL where the upgrades are done automatically to the software unless it was setup manually (maintenance will be also manual).

Thanks in advance.

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