Litecoin Halving Date Has Passed But Technical Charts Reveal An Impending Surge In The Price Of LTC

Litecoin Halving News – If you’re among those who have been asking questions like “when is the Litecoin halving”, “what is the Litecoin halving date” and “how will the Litecoin halving affect the price of LTC”, you must have been pretty discouraged when the Litecoin halving date finally came and the price of the LTC token didn’t show any bullish signs. Instead, the price of Litecoin took a downturn along with the rest of the altcoin market irrespective of all the anticipation surrounding the Litecoin halving event. However, the latest Litecoin price analysis reveals that the price of LTC is going to pick up the pace soon despite the current trend in the market. Will the Litecoin price prediction 2019 be bullish by the end of the…

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