Why does my BTT keep disappearing?

So after some great initial tests with uTorrent that earned me a nice amount of BTT, suddenly I noticed things fell off a cliff. So I pretty much stopped seeding again.

Today I thought I’d give it another go and kept an eye on the Balance counter in the BitTorrent Speed tab. Even with the ‘Speed Increase’ button switched off, it went up to 5 BTT, then suddenly to zero. That seems to keep happening.

When I check the Wallet itself, I see no other outbound transactions other than the ones I initiated myself.

So apparantly, with the ‘Speed Increase’ button turned off, the BTT I’m earning is disappearing. What gives? If I’m currently not using it, shouldn’t it just accumulate? (as it did in the beginning)

*edit* Now it appears to be holding steady and fast, but I’ve still lost some BTT at the beginning. And there’s no guarantee that this balance will remain. Anyone else have this bug?

What do you think?

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