Bitcoin Price Forecast from ShapeShift CEO

Cryptokoin – Bitcoin continues to move over $ 10,000, as investors try to predict which direction to go next.

However, the CEO of the crypto currency exchange ShapeShift does not take into account the daily price movements.

Bitcoin investment

Erik Voorhees believes the BTC is on its way to reaching the all-time high this year. Voorhees says that everyone should have BTC in the statement to Ethereum World News, pointing out that crypto currency investors should develop a long-term mentality and be aware that they can lose everything.

Orum I think we're going to be over $ 20,000 by the end of the year, and by 2020 there will be the next balloon cycle. However, I'm making a lot of price estimates, because it's fun and I usually make mistakes.

Crypto money investment is a long-term project and always highly speculative. Everyone should have a set of crypto coins and assume that they will go to zero. They can be said that they are ready for the field when they are comfortable. "

As for the future of the Altcoins, Voorhees stresses that Bitcoin maximalists have forgotten the principles of decentralization and that simple income in the crypto market means more than anything else.

Orum I find it sad and ironic to see Bitcoin Maximalists, who are claimed to be against the local government, advocating a world with a single chain of monolithic blocks…

I'm going to continue to increase bitcoin. Obviously the most important block chain to date. But a world where only crypto money is Bitcoin is a poor world. I prefer to avoid approving other special projects, but there are some things to consider except at least 5-10 of Bitcoin. ”

Facebook and Libra

As for Facebook's digital presence Libra, Voorhees says that the social media giant's first plan is overly ambitious and expects it to finally be watered:

“Everyone knew they were working on something, but when the details finally came out, it was clear that they were creating an international currency instead of just a fixed asset of $ 1: 1.

I doubt that Facebook will be able to launch Libra in its current form, and I fear that they will surrender, dilute and leave a fixed asset worth 1: 1 USD with a little innovation. We'll wait and see."

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