$80 Million Worth BTC Longs Liquidated On BitMEX, Will BTC Recover?

Bitcoin’s drop from $10,337 to an intra-day low of $10,027 has triggered $77 million in long liquidations on the crypto derivatives platform BitMEX. 

Bitcoin Price Drop Responsible for Liquidations

Per a recent revelation by margin trading monitor Datamish, Bitcoin’s price fall has triggered $80.1 million in long liquidations on BitMEX.   


Interestingly, the previous week saw $3.5 million short contracts being liquidated and generating about 54% of the volume on the 2nd of September


Furthermore, observation of both the 4-hour chart for XBT/USD trading pair for the perpetual inverse swap contract on BitMEX clearly shows the formation of a falling wedge pattern. This implies Bitcoin has a high affinity to lower correction in the short-term.


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