BitPay in troubled waters once again as Hong Kong Free Press alleges suspension of fund transfers without notice

US-based cryptocurrency payment processor, BitPay, has time and again gotten itself into troubled waters over several issues. In what is the latest salvo against the firm, Tom Grundy, Founder and Chief Editor of the media outlet Hong Kong Free Press, has alleged and highlighted BitPay’s incompetency to process funds, specifically donations that it has been receiving.

In the wake of the ongoing protests in Hong Kong, the media outlet had announced the acceptance of donations in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash through BitPay. However, Grundy today took to Twitter to reveal that BitPay had abruptly blocked all crypto-donations to HKFP. His tweet read,

BIG THANKS to HKFP’s supporters who donated HK$14,817 in Bitcoin since 2015.

However, cryto donations are temporarily suspended…

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