Is There Politics to This Congestion or Just Tether Leeching ETH?

It has been quite some time since we heard complains of transactions not making it into blocks in any blockchain.

Their sudden appearance does give some a warmy fuzzy feeling of 2015-16. Even the Blockstream employees couldn’t help it:

Yet what happened, why now, what are the considerations and what is the potential temporary solution to the never ending blocksize matter.

Politics, What Politics?

When airdrops clogged eth for a day or two, everyone knew it was temporary – as in some weeks of one after the other doing it. Now, however, it’s Tether , and that is unlikely to be temporary.

They are handling incredible volumes of 100,000 on-chain transactions within just the past seven hours. So adding pressure with a backlog of 100,000 transactions created.

That spike in demand for…

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