Ethereum Co-Founder Joe Lubin Joins Board As ConsenSys Becomes Premier Member of Hyperledger

The co-founder of Ethereum is to join the blockchain development project Hyperledger community. Cointelegraph has announced ConseSys– Ethereum-focused development firm as the premier member of Hyperledger.

Project Hyperledger Besu Already Submitted to Hyperledger

According to the press release by Cointelegraph, ConseSys has already submitted the Pantheon Java-based software to Hyperledger. The project was named Hyperledger Besu as the first blockchain compatible with the public chain submitted to the project.

Brian Behlendorf the director of Hyperledger said that through the submission of Hyperledger Besu, ConsenSys is supporting their intended mission. Brian anticipates building a wide coalition for improving enterprise blockchain.

Improved Interoperability Across the Blockchain


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