UK Artist Sells 19 Paintings for 490 Bitcoin

A UK artist has announced that he has sold a collection of 19 paints for a total of 490 Bitcoin.  The price fetched for the collection at the time of writing is just less than $4.9 million.

Lincoln Townley, the creator of the collection, has a history of selling his artworks for Bitcoin. In fact, the celebrated London-based artist made what is widely believed to be the first example of piece of artwork auctioned in which Bitcoin was used as the payment method.

Another Art Collection Sells For Bitcoin

According to a report in UK news publication Evening Standard, the popular UK artist Lincoln Townley has just sold more of his artwork for Bitcoin. An unnamed Singaporean business man bought the collection, titled “Greed”. He reportedly paid 490 BTC, or almost $4.9 million for the 19…

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