Litecoin Falls by $4 Below from its Weekly High of $72

Litecoin loses 0.62% in one day and falls to 68 USD.The next resistance may fall at 70 USD.

Litecoin has lost 0.62% over the last one day and it is now 2 USD below 70 USD. The four price changes have given it a range of 70 USD to 67 USD. However, the volatility may not stop for a while. The medium-term should have a bullish run before 2019 ends.

Litecoin Price Analysis

Between 00:07 UTC and 07:41 UTC, Litecoin fell by 1.48% and reached 68.60 USD after a cut of 1.03 USD. The next few hours saw some strength and again at 08:36 UTC it started falling and in the next 8 hours and 30 minutes, it lost 2.44 USD to be placed at 67.11 USD, the lowest point of the day for Litecoin. This fall had a break at 68.87 USD at 17:07 UTC. The third swing came as a sigh of relief to the investors. Starting…

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