Powered by xRapid, XRP Surpasses Bitcoin in Volume on Bitso

The XRP/Mexican peso trading volume surpassed Bitcoin/peso levels on the Mexico-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitso on Friday, thanks in part to a surge in xRapid volume.

Daniel Vogel, the CEO of the exchange, retweeted XRP Research Center’s announcement, noting that Bitso is “building use cases.”

Building use cases @Bitso

— Daniel Vogel (@vogelbit) September 13, 2019

Bitso is one of a handful of exchanges that have signed up to accept fiat from financial institutions and execute transactions through xRapid, an XRP-powered cross-border payments solution from Ripple.

Vogel, who earned his computer science degree from Stanford and his MBA from Harvard, says Bitso is building the digital currency ecosystem in Mexico by offering…

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