connecting gui wallet to remote node

I want to run a remote node on the cloud, so i dont need to manage disks and internet connectivity. I setup a remote node by following this guide


I opened the azure firewall to allow SSH, 18080 and 18081

However I cannot get the gui wallet to connect to it.

I used net cat to verify:

22 port [tcp/ssh] succeeded!

18080 port [tcp/ssh] succeeded!

However 18081 fails to connect and found this…


So it looks by default 18081 does not accept remote connections, because its a security risk?

Is there a guide on how to setup your remote not so it can act like a node on monero world. I want to connect my desktop gui wallet to this note and also my mobile wallet node as well. But without people connecting to it and running commands – which others mentioned.

Is it safe to do?

./monerod –rpc-bind-ip <external.ip.of.node> –restricted-rpc –confirm-external-bind

I don’t really understand this command… What does it mean when its binding to an external ip. Is that my ip – where i am running the wallet or the public ip of my monero node ( on the cloud ) .

What do you think?

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