Ethereum 2.0 Could Raise Another Hard-Fork Situation with ETH 1 and ETH 2

Bitcoin [BTC] continues to trade in a parallel range ($8500-$7775), as it builds up for the next move. The uncertainty around its price is reached its climax, as further downwards movement could invalidate the bull market for a long time.

The price of Ethereum at 12: 15 hours UTC on 9th September is $182.6. It is trading 1.57% higher on a daily scale.

Ethereum has faced a lot of criticism due to its scalability and the great bear market after the ICOs were put to an end. Nevertheless, the cryptocurrency still leads the smart contracts space, and the launch date of Ethereum 2.0 is coming closer as well.

Full house again taking about Eth 1 development at #DevCon. A short thread!

— Leigh Cuen (@La__Cuen) October 8, 2019

However, at the recent annual…

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