Ripple’s XRP Price Analysis: XRP Price Still Jumps On Good Ripple Inc. News

So far, XRP has had a mixed year. Since the beginning of the year, XRP experienced a decent drop that saw its price fall nearly 44% in USD and 54% against BTC.

There have been a couple of positive news around Ripple Inc and their new partnerships with banks (more on that below) which might be an impetus for the latest positive price action of XRP token. It is still perplexing how the market and holders look at Ripple and XRP as a single entity, even though the former puts a lot effort into disconnecting itself from the XRP token.

XRP, currently ranked #3 by market cap, is up 1.24% over the past 24 hours. XRP has a market cap of $12B with a 24 hour volume of $1.3B. Majority of trading volume comes from RightBTC and MXC and its two pairs: XRPUSDT

Total market cap analysis

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