Bitcoin Jumps Past $8,500, Marking Huge Gains

At press time, bitcoin – the world’s number one cryptocurrency – is trading for over $8,500. This marks a massive rise from yesterday, when the currency was trading for just under $8,200, and a $300+ spike is being welcomed by enthusiasts everywhere.

Bitcoin Jump Is the First in Some Time

Roughly two weeks ago, bitcoin and its altcoin cousins suffered from what was arguably one of the worst bloodbaths in some time. The negativity doesn’t stem from how much bitcoin lost necessarily, but rather in how quickly it depleted in value. The currency dropped by over $1,400 in just a matter of minutes, falling from around $9,500 per unit to just over $8,100. There was no explanation regarding why the currency was falling, though at the time, Bakkt – the crypto trading platform designed…

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