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Yesterday, the CTO, Daniel Larimer, revealed the team is already working on EOSio 3.0, the software that makes the entire EOS blockchain run.

Our team is hard at work on #eosio 3.0 which will focus on scaling ram and greatly enhanced database api and database performance. Great advancements being made here.

— Daniel Larimer (@bytemaster7) October 11, 2019

The news has also been re-tweeted by’s CEO, Brendan Blumer, confirming that EOS developers are actually in the process of upgrading their software.

The EOSio version 2.0 was released just a couple of days ago and, in terms of optimisation, it increases the blockchain speed by 16 times compared to version 1.0.

So now, with a new version already in the pipeline, the EOS team doesn’t seem to stand still and, from Larimer’s tweet, it is clear that the next goal and focus of this EOSio 3.0 update is the scalability of RAM, which is used to store information about EOS accounts and dApps in order to register the various accounts that interact with the blockchain. Currently, the total RAM of the EOS blockchain is about 138 GB of which 72 already used.

As is well known, thanks to REX (Resource Exchange), activated a couple of months ago, it is possible to make up for the lack of power on the CPU and NET side, but not with RAM, another fundamental component of the EOS blockchain.

The EOS CTO also talked about the database API and their performance: with EOSio 3.0. the aim is to optimise both the access to the API and their size.

It is now fair to think that both the announced governance solution of which Larimer spoke some time ago and the long-awaited social network Voice based on the blockchain of EOS, will soon see the light thanks to the new EOSIO 3.0.

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