The advent of DAOs will change the way we build platforms and websites

Usually when you join a platform you give your data (email included) and you subscribe.

From that very moment you just login and do your things.

With DAOs something is going to change.

How can a DAO subscribe a site?

An option is: the DAO-admin (voted by token holders) subscribes with his own email.

But what about the “things” inside the site? If token holders give money to the admin to be used in your platform/site so all holders want to see what is going on inside the platform.

An example is a DAO willing to subscribe Binance, to buy and sell tokens. All DAO participants must TRUST (orrible word) the DAO-admin.

The solution may be the following: when a dao-admin opens an account in your platform you give him the option to declare it as a DAO-account, also declaring the ruler token of the DAO.

From that moment (he can’t step back) anyone holding that token (therefore part of the DAO) can see what the admin is doing. A kind of read-only account for hodlers and a read/write one for the admin.

So basically if your platform serves many DAOs, when I login you ask me if I want to see my personal account or any account of any of the DAOs I hold the tokens of.

There may be other solutions. I think the problem will be pretty standard.

Do you know any example of dapps facing the problem?

What do you think?

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