Chainlink Price Rallies by 5% Under the Bearish Market

Chainlink (LINK) price exhibits a tremendous upsurge.The fluctuating market pushes Chainlink to climb up.

The market has been experiencing volatility from the beginning of the month. Amidst the fluctuation, there was a clear uptrend in the price of Chainlink. In the previous quarter, Chainlink was seen under huge market pressure, which caused a heavy loss in the price. It looks like Chainlink has entered the market in the last quarter with clear target of booking rally.

Today, the market is dealing with the bears, but Chainlink is booking heavy profits. Intraday trading seems to be flourishing with profits.

LINK to USD Price Chart:

The data feed is recorded from Binance as on October 11, 2019, at 10:28:23 UTC.

Chainlink Chart By TradingView

The graph is indicating towards a profitable time….

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