Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 Simplified While Deposit Contract Awaits BLS Freeze

Ethereum developers appear to be making some last minute changes to ethereum 2.0, slashing shards from 1024 to just 64 while having a “clean slate” for phase 0 “to design phase 1 on top of,” according to Danny Ryan, the eth2.0 coordinator.

Ryan put forth some code changes recently “in light of discussions around the alternate phase 1 proposal” so as to remove “the notion of Shard and Crosslink entirely from Phase 0.”

He is referring to a proposal by Vitalik Buterin, ethereum’s co-founder, who called it “a radical alternative” that removes a number of complexities, “leading to ETH2 being usable sooner and with fewer risks.”

The proposal removes the concept of “a persistent shard chain. Instead, every shard block is directly a crosslink. Proposer proposes,…

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