Market Dominance of Low-Grade Crypto Money Exchanges Continues

CryptoCompare recently published a September review of the activities of the crypto currency exchanges. Lower rated platforms still dominate the market with 70 percent or $ 347.2 billion.

Interestingly, the total monthly E-grade crypto stock market volume increased by 31.5 percent, while other groups saw negative figures. Thus, the volume figures of AA, A and B exchanges were 31.6 percent, 15.3 percent and 10.3 percent, respectively.

This figure shows that crypto currency investors are more willing to use services like CoinEx, Kuna and IDEX instead of platforms like Coinbase and Binance.

However, the E-grade crypto currency exchanges did not help lower-level exchanges prevent a decline in volumes. Thus, overall, lower-level services (grade C, D, E and F) experienced a 29.7 percent drop in September sales. On the other hand, the total top-level stock market (AA, A and B) volume decreased by 15 percent.

Nevertheless, lower-level crypto currency exchanges account for a larger portion of the market, with almost 80 percent. Elsewhere, the total top-tier stock volume is 21.9 percent of the market, with $ 111 billion, up 1 percent from August. In July, top-level platforms represented 32 percent of the market, with AA and A-rated exchanges accounting for a quarter of the total volume on all exchanges.

In general, it is worth noting that transaction volumes have declined to the lowest level since September in May.

Among the highest exchanges, Digifinex (D-grade) traded 400,000 units with a daily average trading volume of 0.177 BTC. Binance traded an average of 300,000 transactions per day with an average of 0.114 BTC transactions per transaction.

Among the crypto exchanges of Fiat, Liquid was the stock exchange with the average daily number of transactions with 575,000 transactions with an average trading volume of 0.038 BTC. Elsewhere, platforms such as itBit, Gemini and Coinone have a much lower processing volume with 1.680, 5.200 and 13.900 transactions, respectively, with transaction sizes of 0.4, 0.27 and 0.12 BTC respectively.

Corporate products and derivatives

According to CryptoCompare, the leadership of the Bitcoin products for corporate investors is still in the hands of the Chicago-based CME, where the total transaction volume decreased by 18.3 percent from August to $ 4.82 billion.

Grayscale’s bitcoin Trust product (GBTC), trading volume decreased by 37.5 percent since August to $ 713.6 million.

When it comes to crypto derivatives, OKEx has a sales volume of $ 90.34 billion, down 14.9 percent from August. Huobi is down 84 percent to $ 84.52 billion, down 7.3 percent from August.

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