Ethereum (ETH) Loses Ground Against Bitcoin (BTC) Amid Declining Interest

Ethereum (ETH) started the day in green but Bitcoin (BTC) did it better. There is a reason retail bulls are more interested in Bitcoin (BTC) compared to Ethereum (ETH) and that has to do with the recent 43% pump in BTC/USD in just two days. In this market, traders like to wish for something to happen again more than we have seen in other markets. This is the reason many people are comfortable buying all sorts of altcoins because they think if they made an all-time high before, they will make an all-time high again. This is kind of how pyramid schemes work too but let’s not get in to that. I’d like to think this is a real market and nothing of the sort is going to happen here.

There have been times when I have been bullish on Ethereum (ETH) but this is not going to…

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