BCH Contest with 1.5 BCH up for grabs!

Here’s a tweet I posted on 11/1/19:

You can see in the replies that Marc De Mesel has matched my offer so total amount up for grabs is 1.5 BCH.

Thought it would be a fun way to promote BCH spending at BCH accepting merchants in the month of November. All you need to do is spend your BCH at a physical brick & mortar merchant and document it with a picture of the merchant and the tx id so I can see how much you spent (see my example with the image from Raw Junkies). Then **reply to my pinned tweet each time you do** and I’ll keep track of everyone’s spending. At the end of the month, I’ll calculate (1) who has spent the most BCH and (2) who has had the most txs, and the winners will get 1 and .5 BCH, respectively. Same person can’t win both. This is on the honor system so hopefully no one ruins the fun with a bunch of fake entries. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of BCH accepting merchants from around the world. Good luck!

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