“Co-Founder of Bitcoin” returns to Twitter, calls critics blind

After disappearing off the face of the Internet, Jörg Molt—the latest individual to have claimed to have been involved in the creation of Bitcoin—is back on Twitter. And he’s back with a vengeance, calling out his critics in a tweet that wasn’t received all too well.

What’s up with Jörg Molt?

Last week, the title of Satoshi Nakamoto came under contention again. At a blockchain event in Las Vegas, cryptocurrency commentator Ken Bosak accosted Jörg Molt, an entrepreneur that had claimed to own 250,000 coins and to have co-founded Bitcoin. In a spectacular fashion, Bosak confronted Molt, asserting that he is a “scammer” in the networking halls of the event.

Molt was quick to field some backlash. Prominent Bitcoin educator and technologist Andreas Antonopoulos, for instance,…

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