Crypto Trader Outlines 5 Altcoins That Will ‘Outperform Bitcoin’ in the Next 12 Months


Nik Patel, an altcoin trader, is naming five crypto assets he expects to outperform Bitcoin in the next year.

Patel, the author of “An Altcoin Trader’s Handbook,” highlights their technical developments and offers “tongue-and-cheek” predictions for each, cautioning that in the volatile and risky crypto market, the likelihood that all of his predictions turn out to be true is extremely low.

Here’s an outline of his five picks.


Komodo (KMD) – working on providing end-to-end blockchain infrastructure development solutions

Says Patel,

“…Komodo is on the breaking edge of use-cases in the space, having developed a decentralised exchange for atomic swaps (with a mobile app), an adaptable framework for blockchain development that is…

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