EOS-Based Fork’s Architect on Telos Plans: DEX, Stablecoins, DAOs

Built on EOS.IO technology, the Telos Blockchain is widely considered the “first fork of EOS”. It also has great development, scaling, and marketing plans. Recently, Douglas Horn, Chief Architect and Whitepaper Author of Telos, talked to about some of the prospects for his network.

It’s Time For Africa

The Telos Economic Development Plan, which was recently approved by the Telos community, proposes Sub-Saharan Africa as their main focus for the promotion of their stablecoin. As a region that lacks secure, traditional cross-border financial institutions, the TLOS-based stablecoins will be pegged to a country’s national currency. Telos has already launched its token pegged to the South African Rand called the eZAR. Since other African nations are in process of deploying such…

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