Vertcoin Suffers its Second 51% Attack in 12 Months


Vertcoin recently suffered its second 51% attack in 12 months, with the newest attack occurring almost exactly 1 year since the previous one.

Reports of a 51% attack on the project known as Vertcoin (VTC) has flooded the web in the last few hours. The attack reportedly took place on December 1st at 15.19 UTC, when around 603 blocks got removed from the project’s main blockchain. Simultaneously, the attackers replaced them with 553 of attacker blocks.

According to reports, there were around 5 recorded transactions that included double-spending, while the hacker managed to ‘earn’ around 13825 VTC coins from block rewards, which is around 0.44 BTC ($3,211).

However, one interesting detail regarding the attack is that it took place exactly a year after the previous…

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