NBA expected to pay Dinwiddie $ 34.4 million contract with Nets in virtual currency

Mars Finance APP (WeChat: hxcj24h) front-line news, NBA reporter Shams Charania reports that after months of discussions with the NBA League, American professional basketball player and NBA Brooklyn Nets member Spencer Dinwiddie wants to put himself The decision to convert part of salary to Bitcoin is about to turn around. The NBA League may pay him $ 34.4 million in Ding Weidi’s contract with the Nets in virtual currency next Monday, January 13.

Earlier media reports said that Dingweidi plans to launch DREAM Fan Shares, a blockchain investment platform, to sell 90 types of tokens named SD8 coins. Token holders will receive monthly monthly interest rates of 4.95% in the next three years. To repay. But the NBA is not excited about the proposal, saying that the platform violates the collective bargaining agreement of NBA players and has rejected his plan at the end of September last year.

Now, the attitude of the NBA has loosened. NBA Chief Communications Officer Mike Bass said in a statement: “Ding Weidi ’s consultants have updated us with new information about virtual currencies, and we are reviewing this information to ensure that updates can be made as permitted by league rules.”

Ding Weidi himself posted a video on Twitter, saying in the video: “For legal reasons, I cannot disclose details here, but this product will be announced to the public within 3 days. Not only will January 13th It’s the day when the product is released, and it’s only one week before the All-Star voting deadline. For me, I consider the All-Star to be the honor of the entire team. If I can be selected for the All-Star and my product If it can be achieved, I will give each of my teammates a bitcoin. Not only that, I will also draw 8 fans who vote for me to the All-Star scene. “

But because the NBA is still reviewing Ding Weidi ’s revised proposal, this means that the “product” described by Ding Weidi cannot be guaranteed to be released on January 13.


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