Hacker uses telegram to steal cryptocurrency

Sabrina Vieira
Posted on January 10, 2020

Kaspersky is a Russian company that produces Internet security software. The company is known for software that prevents viruses, malware, ransomware, and cybercrime. He recently released a report stating that hackers are using Telegram to steal cryptocurrencies, making a significant contribution to the blockchain market.

Kaspersky researchers report that the Lazarus organization responsible for many cyber attacks over the past decade has made significant changes to its attack methods. Lazarus is now taking more cautious action and adopting improved strategies and procedures to steal digital assets.

The organization maintains an undisturbed position to illegally acquire cryptocurrencies of infected people and machines. Lazarus malware can run in computer memory instead of on a hard fork drive, so it may go unnoticed.

The new wave of operations is Operation AppleJeus Sequel, an evolution of battles discovered in 2018 and carried out in 2019.

In 2018, the organization began to become more mature and included Apple macOS in the attack. The coders who developed the entire project used “jeus” as the code name. As a result, Kaspersky researchers decided to call this action AppleJeus.

Cybercrime groups continue to use the strategies of fake companies trading cryptocurrencies to trick victims. Kaspersky research points out that these sites are made using free web templates. The company’s website was incomplete and links were broken, leading to a fake marketing team on Telegram.

The company offers software updates that appear to be a fake cryptocurrency portfolio. When an attacker can infect the device, they will grant remote access to control the device and continue the attack. In addition, sensitive user data is transmitted to the hacker without the victim’s suspicion.

Most of the victims of the attack came from cryptocurrency companies located in the United Kingdom, Poland, Russia and China. The study did not reveal the value of the funds the organization could obtain in this attack.

Despite claiming that Lazarus has been more cautious since the launch of Operation AppleJeus, Kaspersky believes the group will not stop the attack because of high economic returns. According to the Russian company, the cryptocurrency market can expect continuous and more sophisticated attacks.

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