Blockchain + AI, Huobi breaks through barriers to integration of emerging technologies, helping to improve the efficiency of the real economy

From January 8th to January 9th, 2020, the “2020 Artificial Intelligence Industry Investment Summit” was held in Shanghai. The meeting was guided by the Shanghai Economic and Information Commission and hosted by E Fund Management Co., Ltd. and E Fund Management Co., Ltd. Huobi China CEO Yuan Yuming and Huobi University President Yu Jianing were invited to participate in the in-depth discussions on how to effectively integrate blockchain technology with AI technology and other guests.

Yuan Yuming believes that data is a means of production in the digital economy era, especially the artificial intelligence industry needs massive data for model training. Blockchain is a combination of computer technologies such as distributed databases, point-to-point transmission, and encryption algorithms. Its distributed, open, autonomous, and difficult to tamper characteristics can effectively make up for problems such as data sharing and data security in AI technology applications. Provide secure and trusted data storage for the AI ​​industry.

In fact, the combined application of blockchain and AI technology has gradually penetrated in different fields. According to statistics, most of the medical information will be exchanged and shared between different hospitals and doctors when performing data calculations in the field of medical health intelligence, which involves patient privacy and security issues. The asymmetric encryption technology of the blockchain will enable data readers to obtain limited access rights, greatly improving privacy and security. According to reports, Google ’s DeepMind Health project has been developing a blockchain medical data auditing system, using “blockchain + AI” technology to enable hospitals and patients to track personal health data in real time.

“In addition, the blockchain’s economic incentive system can also allow massive amounts of fragmented data to achieve value circulation, improve data utilization, and reduce data collection costs. Huobi China hopes as a ‘blockchain +’ one-stop service platform There is an opportunity to cooperate with suppliers of artificial intelligence to provide them with digital economy solutions and promote the development of digital society by promoting the application of emerging technologies together. “Yuan Yuming said.

Hu Jianing, President of Huobi University, explained the perspective of how blockchain and AI technology are combined from a future perspective. He believes that industrial blockchain projects have emerged one after another, and blockchain applications have quickly landed. In 2020, the scale of the industrial blockchain application market will reach 100 billion. The projects that can quickly land and exert great value will be the integration and integration of multiple cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things. Multiple technologies can be used in combination to achieve value empowerment for the industry.

“AI improves productivity through computing capabilities, and blockchain, as a technology with” trustless “characteristics, improves efficiency by changing production relationships and optimizing organizational forms. The combination of the two is both a collision and a run-in between technologies. It is also a two-way improvement of productivity and production relations, and effectively promotes the industry to achieve high-quality development. “Yu Jianing said.

It is reported that Huobi University focuses on blockchain science education, helping all sectors of society to establish a global cognitive system and knowledge model of the blockchain, forming a “blockchain thinking”, thereby promoting the application of blockchain. Therefore, Huobi University is also known as the “Huangpu Military Academy” of the blockchain industry. The previously launched Global Blockchain Leadership Course (GBLP) is dedicated to helping top entrepreneurs in traditional industries use blockchain to achieve transformation and cultivate top elites in the blockchain industry. The course has completed five sessions, and the sixth session is currently enrolling students. It is expected to start in February 2020.


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