Altcoin is under $ 1, 409 thousand dollars to shoot! – TRON CEO Justin Sun recently delighted the TRON community by saying that TRON (TRX) could hit $ 409,000. It should be noted that this tweet came for the first time when the Blockchain network TRON exceeded EOS in terms of total Dapps. Nevertheless, it is necessary to think that this prediction could be one of the jokes of Justin Sun, who is often a controversial CEO.

Popular altcoin TRON (TRX) can hit 409 thousand dollars

In a Twitter broadcast on January 9, both TRON and BitTorrent’s CEO Justin Sun claimed that TRX could reach $ 409,000. However, Justin Sun did not give a specific timeline for the prediction and finished the tweet with an emoji. The crypto community on Twitter was not ready for such an estimate. Renowned analyst Josh Rager rejected this estimate, saying the TRX is değerinde worth $ 0 ”. Another Twitter user commented on the topic:

TRX is a crypto currency that has been mined in advance, so it has a speculative price but no value. Not having any value means that the price will represent the value of $ 0 when the information reaches speculation.

During writing, TRON is traded at $ 0.01. 409 thousand of crypto money
The jump to the dollar means an incredible increase in price.

This raises the question: What’s behind Sun’s $ 409,000 estimate?

On Wednesday, the US stock market jumped to new heights after US President Donald Trump successfully neutralized the potential military war with Iran. A day later, Trump excited the crypto Twitter community with a tweet that has since been deleted. He asked his followers how his 409Ks were performing as the stock market rose.

The issue was that Trump’s tax advantageous pension savings plan was known as 401 (k). In addition, CEO Kris Marszalek said that 409K is BTC’s new target. Probably Justin Sun was influenced by Donald Trump and put his prediction for TRX in this way.

TRON has passed the EOS in the Dapps area for the first time in history! Ethereum is the leader

TRON was recently the second largest Blockchain for Dapps. According to a recent report by the Dapp Review, there are 637 active Dapps in the TRON network and for the first time in this history crosses the EOS network with point 2. The EOS network is home to 633 active Dapps. However, TRON Dapps still lags behind the 2,146 Dapps in the Ethereum Blockchain. Not surprisingly, Justin Sun went to Twitter to announce this great success. In mid-August last year, Justin Sun promised to take both TRON (TRX) and BitTorrent (BTT) back to the top 10 and top 30 crypto rankings, respectively.

This has not yet been seen. Meanwhile, the TRX fell from the top 10 and now ranks eleventh. BTT maintains its 65th place. In addition, the TRX fell 93.9 percent from an all-time high. According to some analysts, there does not seem to be a smooth future for the TRX price, and it seems logical that some crypto observers choose to believe this is just another marketing tactic of Justin Sun. For other critical news about crypto currencies, see our article “The Bank of China Digital Money Design Completed! Mak.

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