Ünlü Fireworks ”Bitcoin and Altcoin Market Forecast from World-renowned Analyst – Due to the positive weather in the US-Iranian crisis, investors are predicting whether Bitcoin (BTC) prices will continue to fall. But a more interesting indicator, according to a successful analyst, shows that the explosion in the Bitcoin and altcoin markets is on the horizon.

Michael van de Poppe: The value of the bitcoin and altcoin market will jump 37 percent!

The world-renowned Dutch crypto trader and analyst Michael van de Poppe assumes that the crypto market value indicator is now at a turning point. Michael van de Poppe estimates that the value of the crypto market may explode soon. The world-renowned analyst points to a pattern that will increase the value of the crypto market by 37%.


Total market capitalization is showing a clear pattern too & on a crucial point.

If we maintain the green area around $ 196 billion as support, we’d be aiming $ 247-270 billion. Similar to February 2019 in structure.

If not -> $ 176 retest.

– Crypto Michaël (CryptoMichNL) January 10, 2020

Meanwhile, according to the analyst, this rally, but the total market
if it avoids falling below $ 196 billion. Crypto
note that the market value has been above this point for the last 7 days
It should be. At the time of the press, this indicator is over 216 billion dollars.

World-renowned analyst: If the Ascension scenario does not materialize 176
billion dollars at the door!

In the uptrend scenario, the analyst predicts that the value of the Bitcoin and subcoin market will grow by 37 percent. Michael van de Poppe remembers the situation in February 2019 for his prediction. This month, in June 2019, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) paved the way to the highest level of the year. However, if the market value fails to support this level, the metric will soon fall below $ 176 billion. The market reflected these indicators in the first days of May 2019 for the last time.

Bitcoin, the leading crypto currency, is traded at $ 8,170, an increase of 4 percent during writing. The flagship of crypto coins currently has a market value of $ 146.5 billion. Bitcoin manages a recent 24-hour trading volume of $ 29.5 billion at market value during writing. For other critical news about crypto currency, see our article “Legend of Wall Street: I bought Bitcoin for $ 7,700, but I’m worried!.

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