Here’s the list of whale-controlled Altcoins! – When it comes to whales, we usually hear Bitcoin whales holding large amounts of BTC. However, data show that Altcoin whales are not less competitive.

Altcoin whales,
Can apply higher pressure than Bitcoin

In terms of the number of wallets that hold more than 1% of the total supply, Bitcoin is still the most popular crypto currency. The money born with the mission of developing decentralization failed in this respect. Even Altcoin whales can easily hold 50% of the total supply of some crypto currencies. This is especially alarming if the crypto is stacking money. Meanwhile, centralization of several crypto currencies will likely lead to network control.

Talking about whales and ownership by concentration of an asset

Addresses with more than 1%: $ BTC 39 addrss owns 11.1% $ ETH 154 addrss owns 40% $ BCH 105 addrss owns 28% $ LTC 128 addrss owns 47% $ BSV 104 addrss owns 25% $ ADA 39 addrss owns 40% $ Tether 140 addrss owns 58%

– intotheblock (intotheblock) January 9, 2020

39 wallet
Cardano (ADA), because it holds approximately 40% of ADA
is a name that needs to be Ethereum (ETH) looks better, 154 addresses
40% of the total ETH supply. But,
When Ethreum changes to Proof-of-Stake, this number of wallets can affect the entire network.
In general, data indicates that less than 461 crypto wallets are separate wallets.
assuming that the top 4 crypto currencies hold at least 40% of the supply.

Here is Bitcoin
and whale control in each subcoin

As for Litecoin (LTC), 128 wallet addresses hold more than 1% of the total LTC resource. The majority of Litecoin is held by stock exchanges. The story of Tether (USDT) is completely different. 140 wallets account for about 58% of USDT’s total supply. Since this stable currency is given in many different networks, it is not easy to accurately control the supply of the USDT. It has a total of USD 4.7 billion.

Most of the USDT is pumped into stock exchanges related to service margins and futures. Perhaps one of the reasons why the USDT focuses on some wallets is to lend to stock exchanges. Here is Bitcoin and the whale control in each subcoin:

39 addresses account for 11% of total BTC procurement.154 addresses account for 40% of total ETH procurement.105 addresses account for 28% of total BCH procurement.128 addresses account for 47% of total LTC procurement.104 addresses account for total BSV procurement 39 addresses have 40% of the total ADA supply. 140 addresses have 58% of the total Tether supply.

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