Tom Lee’s Company 2020 Forecast and Factors to Fly Bitcoin – What will happen in Bitcoin and the market in the short and long term? Tom Lee’s company Fundstrat Global Advisors, a bitcoin bull, has published a striking report to clarify the issue. The famous company claims that the BTC could end up with more than 100% growth in 2020.

Why can Bitcoin increase 100% in 2020?

What will happen in the short term, in the long term? A leading industry research firm suggests that BTC could end up with more than 100% growth in 2020. Fundstrat Global Advisors, a New York-based industry and market research company, recently launched Outlook Crypto 2020 for its customers. Bitcoin bull Tom Lee published part of the report on Twitter, although the entire report is only available to corporate customers.

Accordingly, Fundstrat Global Advisors agreed that Bitcoin
100% by 2020 due to the consolidation of the three main
believes the probability of winning is very high: Halving, Geopolitical risk,
2020 Elections. Fundstrat says that Bitcoin will increase its price by 2020
and that the crypto currency will rise 100% in the next 12 months.
also adds.

Financial Survivalism, with these 4 factors why Bitcoin will explode

Close to Financial Survivalism, which is a successful analyst
techniques that show a strong upward trend in time.
commented. The analyst showed the following techniques in this regard:

Lucid Stop and Reversal created an ascent candle for the first time since BTC traded over $ 10,000 since July 2019. The Average Directional Index marks the first uptrend since March 2019. ready to test the level of 50 indicating whether a price increase means. A daily Ichimoku Cloud created a rising Golden Cross TK.

According to the analyst, with these, Bitcoin has the potential to retest the all-time high of $ 20,000. Another indicator that traders should not worry about Bitcoin’s recent ups and downs is the Bollinger Bands Width. Bollinger Bands Width (Bollinger Bands – BBW) indicates high volatility and deposition periods when Bitcoin is in a bull cycle. Analysts’ positive views on Bitcoin also depend on this metric. For other critical news about Bitcoin, see our article “Ambitious Prediction: The CME Gap can Throw Bitcoin to These Levels!.

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