Libra Vice President: Bitcoin cannot be used as a payment method

Libra Association vice chairman Dante Disparte criticized Bitcoin, saying that the first cryptocurrency could not fulfill its main function and therefore could not be considered a means of payment.

“Bitcoin as an asset class shows that mathematical scarcity can support a very good asset. But this is not a payment method. This is not the case. The lowest step in economic liquidity is to get paid,” Disparte on the Digital Money Forum Say.

He believes that the Libra stablecoin project will solve the major problem of cryptocurrencies-mass adoption.

In response to this statement, Akin Sawyer, director of project strategy at Decred, said:

“I’m not sure if a company council acting for its own benefit can make better money than a decentralized system. He said:” The only way to achieve this is to provide people with opportunities for basic sovereignty. “

Disparte said that it is too early to talk about the development of the cryptocurrency industry on a large scale. He added that as long as the digital currency is not a scalable payment system, it is unfair to talk about a “cryptocurrency test” about Libra tokens.

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