SGX December trading volume mixed, foreign exchange futures climb

The Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) announced its December 2019 monthly trading volume in the derivatives and commodities sector.

During the last month of the sluggish year, the latest securities and derivatives trading volume plummeted and readings for the calendar year were lower.

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The market experienced seasonal calm, low volatility, and a lack of major market culprits.

In addition, the market appears to be stagnating before the end of the month due to multiple holidays in the Western World, unlike other global exchanges in the US, Europe and Asia.

Based on the latest turnover data from SGX, the group’s securities trading volume in December 2019 was S $ 14.9 billion (S $ 20.1 billion).

This number reflects one of SGX’s lowest figures for 2019-on a monthly basis, which is a 12% drop from November 2019 (S $ 18.1 billion).

It is worth noting that the SGX has a total of 21 trading days, which is the same as the 21 trading days in November. The result is weaker than other institutional venues in December, with transaction volumes in almost all venues consolidating.

In addition, the average daily trading volume of the SGX for the month plummeted in December 2019, generating only S $ 711.1 million (S $ 960 million) in revenue.

Compared with US $ 930 million (S $ 1.2 billion) in November 2019, it is down 26.1% from the previous month.

According to reports, SGX’s total market capitalization in December 2019 was S $ 694.5 billion (S $ 937.8 billion), which is almost unchanged from S $ 69918 billion (S $ 934.5 billion) in November 2019.

This figure includes the total market capitalization of all 722 listed companies on the SGX, which has lost six listed companies since last month.

SGX FX momentum continues

The SGX’s foreign exchange market has continued to show signs of activity in recent months, as these trading volumes have been growing through December 2019 until the end of the year.

According to reports, the total trading volume of foreign exchange futures in December 2019 was 2.07 million contracts, which is a 21.8% increase from the 1.87 million contracts in November 2019, which is one of the highest readings of SGX in 2019.

Compared to December 2017, foreign exchange futures also increased by 18.0% year-on-year, of which INR / USD and USD / CNH futures accounted for the largest proportion of transactions.

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