Bitcoin Interest According to Google Data

According to Google Trends, Bitcoin has been high for the last 5 months
attracts attention. Leading crypto currency, a breakthrough against retail investors
While doing more, the price also continues to experience tides since the beginning of the year.

He hasn’t received much attention since September

The price of Bitcoin was turbulent in the first ten days of this year. one
In January, the BTC saw a sharp decline while trading around $ 7,170, and
It’s down to $ 6,850.

However, the crypto currency recovered rapidly. This text
Bitcoin trades just under the $ 8,100 band, and this resistance
Trying to exceed the level.

Of course, as usual, price fluctuations in Bitcoin
quite remarkable. Google Trends data supports this notion.

The interest in Bitcoin has peaked since September 2019. It would not be wrong to say that what makes the “bitcoin in search more relevant is the retail interest of people who do not know about it.

Last month, the highest interest in crypto currency
It was in June. Not surprisingly, because at that time Bitcoin had increased to $ 14,000.
Then, as the price started to fall, retail interest increased.

Bitcoin Worldwide

In addition, there is increasing interest in Bitcoin in Nigeria.
need to specify. As a result of the relatively troubled economic situation, the country
Crypto coins that are considered to be stable were included in the study.

Source: Google Trends

People with Bitcoin
among other countries they are really interested in are South Africa, Austria, Ghana
and Switzerland.

Related searches are also of interest. There is growing interest in keywords such as App Cash App ”and“ Bitcoin ATM ve and it shows that people are perhaps more open to the idea of ​​using and purchasing Bitcoin.

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