SWIPE (SXP) Serves as a highly efficient bridge Enabling easy spending of crypto Currencies

On January 09, 2020, Swipe tweeted: “Swipe has a new Instagram! Follow us at @Swipe on #IG.” SXP is trading somewhere around $1.43 or 0.00018059 BTC on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

There are several methods to process hard-spent crypto currencies to fiat; however, there is a lack of an efficient system the helps bridge spending of crypto currencies like regular fiat currencies facilitating a peer-to-peer cash system. Swipe re-establishes the original purpose of crypto currencies by enabling the usage of crypto currencies thereby improving the wide selection of services available to bridge traditional financial systems.

Joselito Lizarondo, Swipe CEO and Founder, stated, “This recent move will give way to a faster and a high level of security for our payment transactions. We want to ensure that our clients will have a better and a variety of payment options on the Swipe Wallet application.”

Swipe Wallet Application Transaction Fees

Swipe Wallet deployed improvements in their Wallet System recently. Before the deployment of maintenance activities, Swipe warned its users about possible card decline and latency issues. However, during the upgrade, they assured that the funds of investors were safe during the upgrade, and they further confirmed the safety of funds after the completion of maintenance.

The Deposits made into the wallet are free other than for wire transfers. The Tweet from Swipe read thus: “Swipe Wallet charges fees in the native token/cryptocurrency used or via or Swipe Token (SXP).”

Users get complete access to all the Wallet Features after due verification. The Wallet Application can be used in several countries for cryptocurrency transactions with traditional banking features.

After due licensing and registrations, the wallet services will be released in the US and Philippines and further as and when cleared in the currently restricted regions.

Swipe Apple Pay Integration

The Apple Pay Integration facilitates Swipe Wallet iOS users with a faster and easy option of buying their preferred cryptocurrency directly from the app. Users will be able to buy more than 20 cryptocurrencies.

Since the Swipe Wallet is coupled with Debit Card, users can spend their cryptocurrency in real-time in millions of locations across the world. The SXP token powers the platform. SXP is the gas for the platform.

SXP can be spent after conversion in fiat currency. It is widely used to redeem digital gift cards and also for higher membership debit cards to get further discounts on the fees in the Swipe platform to improve on the rewards.

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