Inventory of the top 11 currencies with the current market value in 2019

Mars Finance calculates the annual market changes of the top 11 currencies in the mainstream currencies. It is quoted in Bitfinex USD and the unit is USD.

CurrencyCurrent priceOpening priceYear-end priceAnnual highest priceAnnual increaseBiggest increase
Bitcoin (BTC)8075383072121376488%259%Ethereum (ETH)143136129363-0.05%166%Ripple (XRP)0.210.360.190.51-47%41%Bitcoin Cash (BCH)26415320551733%237%Tether (USDT)0.991.0371.0021.056-4%1.8%Litecoin (LTC)50304114636%386%EOS3.042.622.598.651%230%BSV156869725512%196%BNB15.366.1113.7139.59124%547%Monero (XMR)5847451214%157%Wave field (TRX)0.0140.0190.0130.040-31%110%

According to the data, the currency with the largest overall increase in the year is Binance’s platform currency BNB. Among the top 11 projects by market value, only EOS and TRON public chain projects have performed poorly this year. 31%.

The most stable of the other currencies’ annual gains were BTC and LTC. However, compared with the largest increase of the year, the highest increase of LTC reached 386%, while the annual increase was only 36%, which was a larger correction at a high level.

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