Huobi China Yuan Yuming: 2020 is the decisive year for the scale of blockchain applications

Yuan Yuming delivered a keynote speech at the forum

On January 11th, the “2020 Financial Investors and China Finance and Economics Young Scholars Annual Conference” with the theme of “Great Change, Great Reconstruction, Great Breakthrough” was held in Beijing. Hundreds of entrepreneurs and distinguished experts and scholars talked about the macro environment and the economic, financial, and industrial trends. Blockchain, which is at the forefront, is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics.

Huobi China CEO Yuan Yuming was invited to give a keynote speech, and stated that 2020 will be the decisive year for the scale-up of blockchain applications. It is reported that the annual financial guest annual conference has been successfully held for four consecutive years, and the China Finance and Economics Youth Academic Annual Conference has been successfully held for thirteen consecutive years. It is one of the influential forums in China’s financial and business circles.

Blockchain applications enter a period of rapid development

After a series of previous explorations and preparations, the blockchain industry has made new breakthroughs in terms of policies and landings, and has begun to enter a period of rapid development. In 2019, the central government raised the blockchain to the height of national strategy, and the entire industry is welcoming good news. The central government emphasized in the organization of blockchain learning that it must play its role in promoting data sharing, optimizing business processes, reducing operating costs, improving collaboration efficiency, and building a trusted system. Since then, the development of blockchain has been Become consensus.

In a keynote speech on “Blockchain Development Trends and Investment Opportunities”, Cai Weide, National Distinguished Professor of the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics put forward the concept of “inter-chain network”, that is, the blockchain Internet, and stated that the A new digital economy will emerge.

The “China Blockchain Development Report (2019)” states that the exploration and application of blockchain technology is not limited to the underlying platform, and the application of scenarios in various industries has gradually increased, especially in the financial field, with blockchain as the core Application accelerated to land.

In his keynote speech “How to Speed ​​Up the Application of the Blockchain,” Yuan Yuming expounded the industry opportunities of the blockchain from three aspects: the innovation of blockchain technology, the industrial opportunities of the blockchain, and the acceleration of the application of the blockchain. It means that the blockchain will be deeply integrated with the industry in 2020.

The coming year of blockchain application scale

At present, blockchain technology is leading a new round of technological change and industrial change around the world, and promoting the transition from the “Internet of Information” to the “Internet of Value”. Under this megatrend, China persists in continuous innovation around blockchain technology and has initially formed a blockchain industry.

“Industrial blockchain has already begun.” Yuan Yuming said that blockchain applications are accelerating but not yet scaled, despite the challenges but unstoppable. At the beginning of the new year, Huobi China has continued to move on the blockchain. At present, it has carried out blockchain empowerment practices in the real estate, retail, FMCG, e-commerce, Internet of Things, tourism, intellectual property protection and other physical industries. The scope covers more than 20 industries such as the underlying technology of the blockchain, data sharing, education, and the Internet of Things.

In fact, in terms of technology, the blockchain technology has been continuously improved, and has matured in terms of performance, ease of use, and operability, and has been able to support large-scale commercial applications. In terms of supervision, relevant laws and regulations and the supervision system have been gradually improved. Continue to move towards standardization, which will provide guarantee for the application of the blockchain.

In recent years, Huobi China has been trying to empower various industries with blockchain technology. Relying on the Huobi Research Institute, Huobi University, and the Industry Empowerment Center, Huobi China has created professional services for the entire life cycle of the blockchain industry. Enterprises provide customized solutions to build new economic entities for blockchain applications. At present, there have been several successful cases, including the “Coconut Cloud Blockchain Points Issuance Supervision System” jointly developed by Huobi China, Hainan Bank, and Yeyun Network, and the development of “one thing, one yard” in cooperation with Jihong (002803.SZ). Blockchain management platform, “Blockchain + Artwork” general points platform, etc., which is cooperating with Lotterschen International.

“In 2020, the industry related to the blockchain will achieve unprecedented development and growth. This will be a decisive year for the scale of blockchain applications.” Yuan Yuming said.

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