Ethereum to be İyi Best Investment of Decade!! – A successful analyst, CryptoWolf has recently made some bold predictions on Twitter. Recently, the analyst released a graph with an ambitious Ethereum forecast for 2020.

Can Ethereum (ETH) be the best investment in the next decade?

Can Ethereum (ETH) be the best investment in the next decade? According to CryptoWolf, yes it can! According to the analyst, the second largest asset in terms of market value will follow Bitcoin’s parabolic rise in 2010. This is a bold statement. Cr However, CryptoWolf has charted to compare Bitcoin’s rise in the last decade with the potential rise of Ethereum in that decade. Apparently, the graphs of the two crypto currencies reveal surprisingly similar trends. “This chart should not be ignored! Cr CryptoWolf says.

The investment of this decade will be Ethereum.

– CryptoWolf (IamCryptoWolf) January 10, 2020

Bitcoin’s graphics look quite similar to Ethereum’s, but there’s still a lot of gray in this prediction. First, much of Ethereum’s future growth is based on the introduction of ETH 2.0. As previously reported by Cryptokoin, it will take several years for a fully functional ETH 2.0 to be available. Also, assuming that Ethereum will follow Bitcoin’s trajectory seems to be an exaggerated prediction. Graphics don’t work that way. But of course the parallels between the graphs of the two crypto currencies are surprising.

insists on the brave Ethereum prediction

Although this prediction of crypto currency attracted much attention on Twitter, the responses to the chart were interesting. Some criticized CryptoWolf and believed that the “investment of the decade” would be a large unknown project that has not yet proven itself. In other words, according to some users, a dark horse will lead the entire industry into a storm. This may be realistic, given that Ethereum is still struggling with the scaling problem that is hopelessly preventing it from achieving its desired mass adoption.

Other users, however, used it as an opportunity to praise their crypto currency as usual. Some talked about IOTA, some talked about Ripple’s XRP, but none was convincing. Before 2017, we should remind you that the top 10 crypto currencies look completely different. Therefore, according to some experts, we can expect it to be 5 years from now. In short, according to experts, in the years to come, many mücadele top-level birçok crypto currencies will disappear as projects struggle to find a use case. For other critical news about crypto currencies, see our article “Last Minute’ from Tom Lee ”Bitcoin Forecast!.

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