Why Does Sudden 14% Rally of Bitcoin Cash Can’t Make It Last Longer?

Controversial Forks of Bitcoin continue to create a historical price rally that may possibly initiate the sought-after Alt season. However, many people still predict that the high surge will not last.

Last Friday, the crypto market brought an unexpected recovery. BTC, XRP, Ethereum, and other altcoins deliver a higher surge, which rallies to prices that have not seen in the earlier days.

Despite the fact that Bitcoin managed to retake the $8,000 price point daily, which benefits the bulls, an unusual crypto trend was discovered. BTC forks like Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) showed a significant surge in price.

Based on the data provided by CoinMarketCap, all forks have exploded higher. In fact, BSV gained up to 40%, while the BCH reached an unexpected 14% surge.

Real Reasons Behind the Bitcoin Cash Higher Surge

Friday seems a remarkable day for BTC as it accelerated from $7,726.77 to $8,218.36 in just a matter of 24 hours. Then, the BSV price took a spike from $116.73 to $175.63.

The price of BCH reacted to its rival BSV price rally and took a crazy spike price from $276.63 to $232.64. Following the BTC fork’s bull run, there’s been an 11% and 14% growth recorded in BCD’s and BTG’s price, respectively.

Currently, BSV trades more than $175, which suggests that the investment could possibly flow back into altcoins. That is because of Bitcoin’s 14% cash up in the last 24 hours, while the crypto market is 4% up.

Australian cryptographer and self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin Craig Wright initiated the BSV price rally, followed by other BTC forks. His team produced a third Tulip Trust, which might hold a huge sum of Bitcoin like the billion-dollar worth of the crypto.

In the middle of recent developments that brought the unexplainable BSV price pump, a little crushing and bulk buy orders have delivered as clarifications. It’s not the first time BSV is involved with violent price rally, which BSV events reacted similarly.

What Makes This Rally Unsustainable?

Following the Craig Wright’s significant move, BCH spiked the rally. Apart from that, other prominent forks also started to move upwards. However, there are particular reasons why this rally will fail to last.

For these forks, the upcoming block reward reduction events or the “halvings” are among the key reasons why BCH and BSV jaw-dropping price rally will not last.

Both BSV and BCH are altcoins, having their own blockchains, still involve in the halving function that is locked into their protocols. According to analysts, there’s a big chance that the next halving of Bitcoin will push its price higher. However, this may lead to potential demise for BSV and BCH.

Benjamin Celermajer stated that “In April, when miners start receiving half the BCH and BSV rewards they currently receive, their profits will half (unless price doubles). this will lead to miners switching to mine Bitcoin which will not have a reduction in profitability until May.”

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