Ethereum Classic Completes New Hard Fork | News

A blockchain network Ethereum Classic (ETC) has successfully completed a new hard fork called “Agharta,” reports.

According to, the update is aimed at ensuring compatibility with the Ethereum blockchain (ETH) and was activated at the block 9,573,000.

Approximately 57.4% of nodes took part in the hard fork implementation.

“Agharta” is the continuation of the recent “Atlantis” update and adds Ethereum operation codes integrated into the ETH network with the hard fork Constantinople in ETC.

At press time, ethereum classic is trading at $5,5 USD (-1.83%).

Chart of the USD/ETC trading pair from EXANTE

Earlier iHodl reported that the Muir Glacier hard fork of Ethereum’s network had been successfully activated. The new hard fork reportedly aims to delay this difficulty bomb by around 4,000,000 blocks (about 611 days).

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