OKEx Bitcoin Option Trading Now Available to Everyone

Kriptokoin – BTCUSD Option transactions market, created by OKEx, is the largest spot and futures digital asset stock exchange platform finally open to the public. The platform, developed within the company, was released on Thursday, January 9, 2020, following the successful completion of the simulation work and the exclusive invitation-only trading stage. With this latest development, OKEx has become the only crypto exchange offering C2C, Spot, Futures, Perpetual Swap and Options Trading on a single platform.

New OKEx Options Trading platform, higher trading
flexibility and transparency in trade prices.
a much faster, robust trade that also supports “writing” options at the same time
infrastructure. In addition, branded prices, daily settlement rules and short
implements a sophisticated risk management system that includes qualification rules.
The platform also insures BTCUSD Options to minimize the risk of rollback
a total of 150 BTC contributed.

H OKEx option, Jay said Jay Hao, CEO of OKEx.
trade without expanding, and completely
represents the upgrade. Faster, more stable to the crypto community
and have always been excited to bring a solid infrastructure. OKEx Options, complete
margin trading, futures and permanent clearing markets
added a refined touch at intervals ranging from ”.

According to the information provided by OKEx, the new Option
Some of the advantages offered by the trading platform include:

Transparent price discovery in one-stop trading environment A proven and recognized anti-manipulation system in various market crashes Crypto Currency Overlay eliminates geographical limitationsPayment of price as payment price at the time of payment Mirrored futures, trading with the underlying spot market, provides a variety of trading strategies.7 / 24, API supported trading, uninterrupted profit opportunity

“With such new offers, OKEx can provide extra convenience for our users to diversify their trading strategies, H Hao said. We are also encouraging our users to take new steps by keeping trade simulation and reward schemes and encouraging our users to take their first steps. Or

One day before the public launch, skewAnalytics’ OKEx
BTCUSD Options data added. On the same day, the platform is for invitation-only purchase
was sold in the amount of $ 2.6 million during the sale period.

The maximum volume of OKEx BTCUSD Options so far is 8.6 million dollars. As in January 11, 2019, the new product placed on the market has placed an average of 5.6 million dollars.

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