Gross Position Value Of OKEx, Bitfinex, BitMEX, Huobi Global’s BTC Contracts Reports $2.17B, Up 3.34%


Sunday , January 12th 2020

According to Golden Zone, as of 00:00 UTC on Jan 13, the four major exchanges, including OKEx, Bitfinex, BitMEX, and Huobi Global, report their BTC contract positions as follows:
1) OKEx witnesses 7.049 million contracts ($705 million) with a day-to-day increase of 6.66%;
2) Bitfinex’s BTC contracts total 31,100 BTC ($254 million) with a day-to-day decrease of 11.90%;
3) BitMEX reports 772 million BTC contracts, worth about $772 million, with a day-to-day increase of 2.93%;
4) Huobi Global holds 4.476 million BTC contracts, valued at $448 million, with a day-to-day increase of 2.80%.
The total value of the BTC contracts held by the above exchanges reads $2.179 billion, with a day-to-day increase of 3.34%.

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